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Bumper Book of Unuseless Japanese Inventions

The Japanese are admirable in terms not of their wittiness but of the audacity in putting their seemingly laughable inventions into practice. In the Bumper Book of Unuseless Japanese Inventions, Kenji Kawakami details some of the most funniest and thought-provoking inventions devised for the sake of daily convenience, avoidance of clumsiness and multi-tasking. It makes you wonder just why those little tricks had never sprang up in your mind, and of course, how considerate they are.

Take “Hay Fever Hat”-the all day tissue dispenser, for example, this gadget stands right atop your head when you go out. As grotesque as it can be, it claims “to cope with heavy blowing and incessant sneezing from dawn to dusk”. Serious cold would not be a problem when you got a presentation in the morning or if you want to go clubbing at night.

The “Automated Noodle Cooler” is also a design for busy city dwellers. Time is money and the Japanese think they can save it for you with this fishing-rod like chopsticks. As soon as the noodle (or whatever food) is served you can start eating as the fan is turned on. Bravo. But I also want a version of it for barbecue fork!

Bumper Book of Unuseless Japanese Inventions
by Kenji Kawakami
Harper Collins
Condition: Good
Flow Price: HK$ 68


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