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The White Castle

Published in 1985 by the Nobel-winning Orhan Pamuk as his first historical novel, The White Castle probes into the ambiguity of identity and the East-West relation. A young Venice scholar, who in the 17th century sailed to Naples but was captured and put into the Istanbul slave market, met an Ottoman academic – Hoja – the master who would later brought up the idea of swapping their identities. It resembles the situation facing Turkey when confronting the Western culture where a sense of mixed jealousy and anxiety arises. It is especially insightful at a time when Turkey is striving to become a member of the European Union but would inevitably be accused of not being her true self. The White Castle was awarded the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in 1990 and cemented the author’s status as a major writer.

The White Castle
Orhan Pamuk
Faber and Faber
Condition: Good
Flow Price: HK$58



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