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High Fidelity

Having sold over a million copies since its publication, High Fidelity successfully played to the sympathy of readers (particularly male) by the essence of disorientation and pointlessness Hornby had captured accurately. It is about love, about commitment and about growing-up and adulthood. It is also about things our mothers know by heart and facts the girls we date find out quick but are avoided deliberately by us everyday. “Have you got any soul?” Rob, the protagonist who owns a record shop, was once heckled by a woman and it is only when his girlfriend Laura leaves he starts to question himself hard why all the past relationships has failed. He embarks on an interesting voyage by contacting his previous girlfriends again. Rob tells his discoveries in first person and the book in a whole is an essential modern classic.

High Fidelity
by Nick Hornby
Penguin Books
Condition: Good
Flow Price: HK$46


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