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A Very Long Engagement

Set in the devastating First World War where human lives were insignificant and slaughtered, A Very Long Engagement shows us the picture behind the front line. The tenacious Mathilde chased after every possible clue leading to repudiating the report that his dear fiancé Manech was dead along with other four ill-fated soldiers. A detective mystery in the guise of a love story, it tells readers one of the many painful tales that might be lost in the dirt and filth of history. The translation is smooth and natural. Long though it is, this work of fiction is still compelling and enjoyable.

A Very Long Engagement
Sebastien Japrisot
Virgin Book
Condition: Good
Flow Price: HK$52


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Before Sunrise

This award winning (Silver Bear for Best Director, Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin) film is simple in its plot but entwined with intelligent and expressive dialogues. You can easily find the whole screenplay on web jotted down by dedicated fans. Julie Delpy (Three Colours White, 1994) and Ethan Hawke (Great Expectations, 1998) played the couple who encountered on a train and spent a night in the glittering Venice. Directed by Richard Linklater, the film was very well received since its release and achieved a rare 100% positive review on the renowned film site rottentomatoes.
Before Sunrise DVD
Flow Price: HK$78

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The Bridges of Madison County

This short fiction by Robert James Waller became the movie sensation  which starred Meryl Steep and Clint Eastwood in 1995. First published in 1992, the book is famous for it effective depiction of an affactionate middle-age adulterous affair that happened back in the 1960s. It reached #1 on the New York Times Book Seller list for an impressive 13 weeks and stayed on the list for 3 years. More notably, with the moive a blockbuster, it beat Gone With the Wind to become the best selling ficion of all time in 1995.

 Detailed review and analysis of the book’s popularity here

The Bridges of Madison County
by Robert James Waller
Warner Books
Condition: Good
Flow Price: HK$39

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